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Hi, my name is Brandie Morgan and I write enchanting copywriting for Real estate, international property listings and offer general copywriting services to individuals and businesses.

Brandie Morgan

Property Listing for Personal Success

Words are power. By inviting reader participation, you can use writing to maximum effect on your Amazon product listing page, attracting many more hits on Amazon’s search engine than if you used any other method or article marketing. Amazon product listing is highly effective in building your organic presence on Amazon, and increasing the likelihood of more sale via organic search or ppc.

Having a  Amazon optimized  product listing page has a twofold benefit: it increases your rankings on Amazon, and achieving the status of  higher-rankings  brings more sales success and financial profit.

7 ways to increase your effectiveness on your page:

By using your own brand name, or a similar one, or a constant pseudonym (or nickname), you increase your reader base. If your product listing becomes popular, your older product listing become items of interest to online browsers, especially if you’re lucky enough to garner a constant readership. Writing under your own name, or coming up with a good pseudonym, is referred to in marketing as ‘name-branding’, and as someone involved in article-writing, you want to make sure your name gets recognized.

A second way is by creating what are known as ‘one-way’ links. Good one-way links will lead to more links on the internet mentioning your own Amazon product listing, or referencing your brand name. An excellent application of this method is the way the google search engine increase the ranking of product pages which are frequently linked to.  Alternatively you could take up the services of a copywriting company who can do all the hard work for you and build an excellent product page.

Your Amazon product listing can also incorporate the method of being ‘keyword-rich’. This means that frequently searched for names, phrases, or words should figure more and more in your product listing in order to increase the chance that web searches reach your page. The technical name for this is SEO or search engine optimization.This means that referring to popular words in your product listing will lead to more people reading your product listing, coming across your work as they search for keywords of their interest.

Know thy audience

Think about topics that excite the popular imagination, such as cloning or stem-cell research (or celebrities). Then try to write more articles concerning those topics. If you’re trying to achieve success in article-writing, a very good method is to write what your audience wants to read about. If your average web-surfer is more likely to read copy that refers to cutting-edge research in a particular scientific field, try to incorporate the results of that research into your article. This way, when people seek information on topics that are popular or controversial, your article will stand out as a possible source of information. Remember that copywriting is not only about what you think: it’s also about what other people want to read about. Better yet, link that research onto your product listing. This will lead to those websites linking back to you, and the outcome of a hugely popular and successful website linking to your product listing is more success for you. Article writing can thus be informative and rewarding.

Your reputation precedes you if you achieve success in Amazon copywriting. Getting an online following, or simply a group of people interested in your articles, means that you become a name-brand as a writer. This enhances your reputation. Try to be among the first to write about a new or growing trend, or any else people may find interesting. This will enhance your reputation.

The advertising side of it

In addition, advertising on your Amazon product listing via promotions and clickable ads brings you a great deal of money. It helps you make a name and money at the same time! Programs like Google Ad-sense bring more visitors to your product listing by detecting what your articles are about. Increasing promotion in this way leads to more people clicking those ads, which leads to more money. Amazon copywriting can thus be both lucrative and entertaining.

In conclusion

Finally, writing a Amazon product listing detailing what your products and services are about will lead to people being able to make up their own minds about whether they want to buy. Very few people on Amazon that are not accompanied by articles explaining what the product does. A product listing is thus similar to being a salesman, since the face-to-face interaction involved in being a salesman is replaced by your text. If your product listing is detailed and well-written and you have a high reputation online, the product or service you’re offering is far more likely to be bought by the consumer.