Try to implement new user engagement strategy in Facebook

July 23, 2019 Off By Brandie Morgan

Are you planning to join the horde of organizations who have stopped using Facebook for decreasing client engagement? Is it the same problem that you are facing? Is it that your posts are lying dead while others are going viral?

Don’t blame the fate; that has nothing to do with this situation. As per a report of 2019 Social Media Examiner, Facebook and LinkedIn are two most powerful social networking platforms for marketers.

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Popularity of Facebook:

Coming back to the point, abandoning Facebook is a terrible worst idea as you won’t get these 1.5 billion users anywhere else. The best part is you can reach them instantly for free.

For verification, users were once given this choice between Facebook and other social networking platforms. Needless to say, they chose Facebook, which has a growing number of users with an associated business like Instagram. Hence, it leads the chart in terms of monthly active users.

Now the actual reason:

Marketers are ending up in depression as most of them don’t have this idea of whether their Facebook marketing strategy is effective or not. Instead of backing out, you have this option to upgrade your strategy continuously as per market demands and requirements.

Talking about effectiveness, how are you going to measure that? Well, check out the users’ engagement with your posts and updates. Are they connecting with your idea and responding to it?

As data suggests;

ComScore Mobile Metrix has given this data that Facebook is having a remarkably high user engagement. How come?

Mobile users at an average engage on Twitter for just two hours in a month. Again, for Pinterest they spend one hour and for Tumblr, it’s just 68 minutes. However, comparing to these, Facebook has a mobile user engagement for more than 7 hours through applications as well as browsers. So, you can imagine the extent of exposure of your brand with Facebook.

Answer to your question:

Now, if that is what data suggests, why are so many companies suffering from an absent user involvement? Isn’t that what you are thinking right now?

Well, problem lies somewhere else, you know. Most of the companies speak only about their products. Yes, your fans like to hear about the product they love and follow your content hence; but they are certainly not happy with the bombarding of ads every time.

Instead, keep it personal as well as informative. That’s what I do maintaining an 80% and 20% rule where 80% part is informational and the rest 20% is where you can push your product; this can be personal.

Making it informational yet personal helps users to connect with the content. They feel more motivated for interacting with your opinions and updates. If you are thinking of improving your Facebook’s growth and engagement, here are three strategies that you can implement.

  1. Experiment with diverse contents:

Nobody wants to read the same old boring content and this is from every perspective. To be an effective marketer, try experimenting with a variety of contents that users would be eager to read. Try to analyse what they best prefer to read using Page Insights of Facebook.

You can share pictures, videos, useful tips, links, infographics, questions or articles, etc. Human minds connect more with emotional contents. But make sure, your contents should not sound like a typical marketing strategy trying hard to do business. It should be you who is speaking to them, be more conversational expressing emotions and enthusiasm. Socialize more as it’s social media.

Hubspot report says, if a post contains face emoticon, it will get 33 percent shares, 33 percent comments and 57 percent likes more than those without such emoticon.

  1. Use visual content:

Visual content, especially pictures can generate more user engagement that mere texts. So, upload good quality and large images directly on your post rather than links on thumbnail. They are more shareable.

Coming to data again, an eMarketer research in 2018 suggests, around 75 percent of Facebook posts are images. User interaction rate of around 87 percent is from photos.

As a user interaction initiative, you can ask your users to add a caption to your uploaded picture. This would encourage them to get engaged. It’s better if you post inspiring or provocative images.

This strategy used by most companies has been proven successful to a great extent. In fact, 250,000 and more interactions have been the result of their posts.

  1. Post in correct time:

It’s not that anytime you post something, and that would be viewed by maximum users. There’s correct time for publishing posts too. As per KissMetrics, you should publish your post sometime after 7 pm or around noon. Weekends are the preferred days especially Saturdays to publish contents.

Another suggestion from Jeff Bullas states that for marketers, 8 pm to 7 am is the perfect time as these are non-busy hours when users are not so busy. If you publish your posts in right time, you can get the maximum shares, comments and likes increasing user engagement.

So, these were the three strategies that you can definitely try. One thing you must remember that not all can come out effective in your case – while some can work out, some may not. Try these and monitor the interaction of your viewers, how they are responding. Everything depends on the preferences of your fans. You just have to implement new strategies for involving at least a wide part of the 1.5 billion Facebook users. Find out the most effective way to connect with them. And you’ll be done!